529X shunting the sawmill at Craven. It had a short life at Craven only of approximately 10 years.

PWD32 hauling an empty train crosses a timber trestle bridge in the Wards River Valley. The line crossed the Wards River six times in its route to The Glen.

PWD32 hauls an empty train through the lush scenery of the Wards River Valley. The good stands of timber were the reason for the construction of the line by the NSW Public Works Department.

PWD32 with a short log train stands at The Glen, the forest terminus of the Craven Forest Railway. The Glen was 5 mile 77 chains (9.6km) from Craven. Logs would be hauled to the terminus by bullock teams.

A southbound passenger service arrives at Craven. The Craven sawmill, of the state owned Gloucester and Craven State Sawmills, can be seen in the background along with the start of the branch line into the Craven STate Forest, which was opened in 1919.

A pulls into Craven. The line to Craven was part of the extension to Taree and was opened in 1913. It only had a simple station, but had a small yard to allow for the exchange of empty and loaded timber wagons with the Craven sawmill.

The Craven Sawmill was established in 1914. The sawmills were elevated structures, with all the shafting, belts and pulleys confined under the floor.

As the timber around the terminus is exhausted, it is necessary for raw material (logs) to be hauled in from outside of the area. 529X propels another load of logs into the sawmill for processing.

PWD32 drops off a load of timber for transport to markets in Newcastle and Sydney.

529X with a loaded log train. It has just left The Glen and is travelling through a recently harvested area of forest.

529X with an empty train crossing the Pacific Highway at Craven. The village of Craven sprang up to support the Mill and the employees cottages can be seen in the background, whilst n early Ford waits for the train to cross.

The Great White Train was a special service that was run by the NSWGR on behalf of the Australia Made Preference League to encourage Australians to "Buy Australian Made". The train had 15 exhibition coaches in which various companies displayed their products. It ran up and down the North Coast in 1925. It is on it's outward journey from Sydney to begin touring the north coast and is approaching Craven. For its time, it was an unusually long train with an overall length of 1019' (309m), a load of 565 tons (571 tonnes).

The driver of a Pickup freight service keeps a good eye out as he pulls his train into the Craven Yard. The Craven Timber mill is on the left, with Yard shunter PWD-32 preparing to bring a load of sawn timber out to the Back Road for dispatch to Sydney.

Northbound Freight Train approaching Craven on a late Winters evening.