Note: These activities should work in either MSTS or Open Rails, unless specifically mentioned otherwise. Please refer to readme for information on rolling stock required, etc. For OR only users, unless indicated otherwise, the activities will only require the stock installed as part of the installation process described.

These activities use different pieces of rolling stock. The readme files should provide information on the pieces of rolling stock used by each activity. Alternatively you can use Route Riter to analyse consists and activities to identify missing rolling Stock.

Once you have identified a missing piece of rolling stock, use the Rolling Stock Search page to find missing stock.

Craven Timber Railway - Loaded Timber Train Loaded Timber train from The Glen to Craven - by Peter Newell.
(V1.1 - Train load adjusted to more realistic value)
147.36 KB 3213x
Craven Timber Railway - Empty Timber Train Empty Timber train from Craven to The Glen - by Peter Newell. (NB: You will need to have MSTS set up for front coupler operation) 147.21 KB 2533x
Craven Timber Railway - Ministers to Craven Ministerial Inspection Train from The Glen to Craven - by Peter Newell. 149.06 KB 2638x
<b>Craven Timber Railway - Ministers to The Glen Ministerial Inspection Train from Craven to The Glen - by Peter Newell. (NB: This activity will only run in OR, as it use the uncoupling feature of OR and has a long wait included). 149.05 KB 2460x
<b>Craven Timber Railway - Shunting at Craven Shunting at Craven - by Peter Newell. 147.59 KB 2492x
Craven Timber Railway - Great White Great White - by Peter Newell. 153.92 KB 2646x
Craven Timber Railway - Southbound Goods Southbound Goods - by Peter Newell 151 KB 2645x
Craven Timber Railway - Northbound Goods Northbound Goods - by Peter Newell 150.41 KB 2499x